Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Compiled (II)

New Singing Knives compilation 'Thoughts From Screeching Lake' came out recently too, i think just as a download (from here) but might be physically manifest at some point too, hope so. Serfs track alongside fine likes of Harappian Nights Recordings, Alberorovesciato, Infinite Light, Pekko Kappi, Ross Parfitt, Dylan Nyoukis, a lot more....

Compiled (I)

Behind time again, this came out a couple of months ago on Psykick Dancehall Recordings of Glasgow, the second in their 3"/7" series of UK underground movements. 4 x 3" cds in a seven-inch sleeve that folds out in a concertina formation to reveal artwork by each of the eight shakers featured (Serfs art collab with LJ below). Edition of 140 copies (i think) available from the label.