Tuesday, 30 November 2010

winebox09 - Tom Settle 'Dried Plumes' C38 - SOLD OUT!

Tom Settle is known for playing guitar in a bunch of northwest psych bands (Serfs, Beach Fuzz, etc.), drums in some more (Former Bullies), and for not playing solo nearly enough. After a side of a split tape on Rayon Records and a side on the Winebox Solo Guitar box (which some people are saying tore up the rulebook by employing lapsteel...), this is a first proper full-length solo workout, and it's a beaut; ten tracks of warm, casualised 'Basement Tapes'/'All Things Must Pass' bathroom psychedelia that reminds at various points of Comus, Incredible String Band, Jakob Olausson, the Dead (especially the one where he covers 'Dire Wolf', straight up), and John Fahey. And the Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park.

Miniature edition of 26 copies is due to the remains of the old back door of 23 Kimberley Street from which it comes being mostly rotten. Each copy comes with hand multi-coloured and colour-charted shell by Lucy Jones and an iron-burned wooden insert and costs £8 including UK postage. Video here in case you need persuasion. Photogs can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wineboxpress.


I still have a couple of copies, the very last ones, of the last two releases, by Harappian Night Recordings and Whole Voyald Infinite Light, and also of the most recent two WVIL tapes on Lotus Birth (details here). Drop a line if interested in any.