Sunday, 30 October 2011

winebox14 - Roman Nose 'Black [Silk] Death on Silk [Silk] Road' C30 - SOLD OUT!

Completing a triptych of Hunter Gracchus solo pieces, Roman Nose is the solo work of Jon Marshall (who also plays in Akke Phallus Duo and Vampire Blues). Using harmonium/voice/various free reed aerophones he creates drones that are fairly radical in their nakedness, far removed from the smooth edges of dream pop, with a Tazartès-esque 'world' aesthetic that takes in Antarctica (specifically Douglas Quinn's recordings of Emperor Penguins), the Middle East (the third track comes on like a pitch-shifted call to prayer) and Indonesia, while the sidelong track that makes up the second side is both centrepiece and climax, pulsating wildly with an urgency not dissimilar to Blue Yodel.

Edition of 53 copies comes, at the insistence of the recording artist, from the usable parts of a pretty gnarly old couch, so if anything crawls out of it blame him. Cost, to the UK/Europe/World respectively, is £8/£9/£10.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

winebox13 - Ø+yn 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' C43 - SOLD OUT!

Hot on the heels of the Chora tape, this new release floats in all the way from another hemisphere but is a pretty ripe southern companion to the free movement of certain UK underground tribes. Ø+yn (said 'Omasin') come from the inland badlands of Córdoba, Argentina, and 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' is quite a trip, taking all kinds of unexpected yet smooth turns: from the occult church to the carnival to the Balinese woods at midnight, taking a detour up 6th Avenue to jam with Moondog before shifting gracefully towards a climactic scene with what sounds like a swarm of angry bees taking the guitar player for a ride at dinner time.

Ma-hu-sive edition of 84 copies coming from an old school desk containing some right-on graffiti ('WINGS') and no bubblegum skeets that i can see. Cost is £8.50 inclusive of UK postage. Drop a line about Euro/World rates and wholesaling.

winebox06 - Chora 'Songs from the Husk-Hair Malt' C73 - SOLD OUT!

Almost three years in the planning, the best thing about London since they moved there drop in with an epic that's worth the wait plus one. Shifting over eight tracks from a minimal vocal/mouthpiece/cymbal feedbacking opener through air-raid free rock and spooked Taj Mahal Travellers-esque live séance to full-on big band shakedown; it sounds like there's even some overtone singing in there too. Line-up changes abound around core members Ben Morris and Rob Lye, with free blower Karl Brummer, percussionist Patrick Farmer, guitar/everything-ist Ben Nash and Hunter Gracchus freedom riders Fiona Kennedy and Jon Marshall all aboard at various points. Seems like there's a riot going on in South London.....

Edition of 74 copies from some floorboards, drilled and sprayed through the hole, with eye-popping wraparound fold-out artwork by David Bailey and typewritten card spine. Cost is £10 including UK postage, ask about postage elsewhere.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

winebox12 - Serfs 'Untitled' C41 - SOLD OUT!

Highly zoned end-of-Winter nighttime attic acoustic guitar duo vibrations from early 2011. A reunion of sorts, and i think the first ever all-acoustic Serfs release. I could be wrong though. Anyway, you don't dance to the information. Edition of 47 copies from a former bedside cabinet, broken down and put back together in the shape and form of a classic cassette box; a fragile one mind, so open with care. £9 including UK postage.

winebox11 - Plum Slate 'The Loathsome Bough' C36 - SOLD OUT!

Plum Slate is the sensitive solo side of Stuart J Arnot, who can also be found eating fried feedback for breakfast as Smear Campaign, pounding the electronic drums in the Gamecock and psyching out with Nackt Insecten in Mid Leopard Violet Prism, as well as bossing the label Total Vermin. 'The Loathsome Bough', however, consists of five tracks of straight-up no-effects prepared acoustic guitar, with atonal chords plucked and arpeggiated in a way that's sometimes sparse, sometimes frantic, and so hauntingly lonesome that it reminds of Jandek – which is funny because when I first saw that video of Jandek grinding with the Sugar Hill rhythm section it reminded me of Stuart.

Package comes from the drawers of the dresser that was broken down to house the Blue Yodel tape and the final edition is 42 copies. £7 including UK postage.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

winebox10 - Blue Yodel 'The Creation of the World and Expulsion from Paradise' C51 - SOLD OUT!

Blue Yodel is the perfectly named vocal solo concern of Hunter Gracchus member and Singing Knives Records co-captain Fiona Kennedy. 'The Creation of the World and Expulsion from Paradise' is her first solo full-length release (following a very recent and i think still available split 3" on Rayon Records) and arrives in a screened-on-wood edition of 58 copies, housed in a hangable picture frame cut from the shell of a dresser (the drawers of which will form one of the next two releases - more on those soon). Smashing glass announces it's on, then comes a five track assault course of beautiful howling voice and wailing distorted strings that brings to mind Poetry Out Loud, Dylan Nyoukis and Patty Waters cuttin' loose. More photographs here.

Cost is £10 including UK postage. Get in touch for prices elsewhere.