Wednesday, 2 March 2011

winebox10 - Blue Yodel 'The Creation of the World and Expulsion from Paradise' C51 - SOLD OUT!

Blue Yodel is the perfectly named vocal solo concern of Hunter Gracchus member and Singing Knives Records co-captain Fiona Kennedy. 'The Creation of the World and Expulsion from Paradise' is her first solo full-length release (following a very recent and i think still available split 3" on Rayon Records) and arrives in a screened-on-wood edition of 58 copies, housed in a hangable picture frame cut from the shell of a dresser (the drawers of which will form one of the next two releases - more on those soon). Smashing glass announces it's on, then comes a five track assault course of beautiful howling voice and wailing distorted strings that brings to mind Poetry Out Loud, Dylan Nyoukis and Patty Waters cuttin' loose. More photographs here.

Cost is £10 including UK postage. Get in touch for prices elsewhere.