Wednesday, 28 September 2011

winebox13 - Ø+yn 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' C43 - SOLD OUT!

Hot on the heels of the Chora tape, this new release floats in all the way from another hemisphere but is a pretty ripe southern companion to the free movement of certain UK underground tribes. Ø+yn (said 'Omasin') come from the inland badlands of Córdoba, Argentina, and 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' is quite a trip, taking all kinds of unexpected yet smooth turns: from the occult church to the carnival to the Balinese woods at midnight, taking a detour up 6th Avenue to jam with Moondog before shifting gracefully towards a climactic scene with what sounds like a swarm of angry bees taking the guitar player for a ride at dinner time.

Ma-hu-sive edition of 84 copies coming from an old school desk containing some right-on graffiti ('WINGS') and no bubblegum skeets that i can see. Cost is £8.50 inclusive of UK postage. Drop a line about Euro/World rates and wholesaling.

winebox06 - Chora 'Songs from the Husk-Hair Malt' C73 - SOLD OUT!

Almost three years in the planning, the best thing about London since they moved there drop in with an epic that's worth the wait plus one. Shifting over eight tracks from a minimal vocal/mouthpiece/cymbal feedbacking opener through air-raid free rock and spooked Taj Mahal Travellers-esque live séance to full-on big band shakedown; it sounds like there's even some overtone singing in there too. Line-up changes abound around core members Ben Morris and Rob Lye, with free blower Karl Brummer, percussionist Patrick Farmer, guitar/everything-ist Ben Nash and Hunter Gracchus freedom riders Fiona Kennedy and Jon Marshall all aboard at various points. Seems like there's a riot going on in South London.....

Edition of 74 copies from some floorboards, drilled and sprayed through the hole, with eye-popping wraparound fold-out artwork by David Bailey and typewritten card spine. Cost is £10 including UK postage, ask about postage elsewhere.