Wednesday, 2 October 2013

winebox22 - Vampire Blues 'Recorded Live at Les Voûtes, Paris, France, 24th November 2012' C36 - SOLD OUT!

Live harmonium/guitar duo document from late 2012 - recorded, as the title suggests, in the tunnel-like environs of Les Voûtes in Paris - that contrasts slow-burning atonality and post-meltdown tonal ecstasy. Edition of 70 copies from a paint-spattered table. Cost is £7 plus postage (£1.50 UK/£4 Europe/£5 World). 

Friday, 2 August 2013

winebox21 - C. Joynes 'Unitarian Dee / Oto Gee' C60 - SOLD OUT!

Essential live documentation of two thirty-minute medley performances of wildly differing fidelity from Southeast England's finest picker, Mr C. Joynes. The A side, captured on VHS tape in a chapel, has a beautiful distant and echo-heavy sound, while the flip side is a cleaner, more intimate soundboard recording from Cafe Oto. Amongst contemporary guitar players Joynes stands out a mile, both for his 'chops' - both compositional and performative - and his stylistic juggling ('bluegrass gamelan', as Bruce Russell offered in his sleeve notes to Joynes' 'Congo'). Amongst the material here be ringing tonality and scratchy  dissonance; muffled percussive sliding and handsome blues resolutions; slow-burning marching music and rapid arpeggiating - indeed, without wanting to blithely drop an F-bomb on a contemporary picker, the sense of a heads-down, unpretentious taking-care-of-business here reminds me of Fahey's 'America', and that's a fine thing to be reminded of.

Edition of 89 pink cassettes housed in a somewhat *deluxe* box with a swinging lid and printed insert, the source material of which was once a wall of the neighbours' kitchen. Price is £9 plus postage (£3 UK/£4 Europe/£5 World). Email to order.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Jon Collin 'High Peak Selections' LP - SOLD OUT!

Orders now being taken for this, due to arrive later this week. Slide guitar improvisations recorded in the latter half of 2012 in the highly atmospheric environs of Portland Works, Sheffield; Sacred Trinity Church, Salford; and Sunshine Studios, Manchester. A continuation of the two 'High Peak Vibrations' tapes (on Winebox Press and Giant Hell). There's an audio excerpt here. Numbered edition of 250 copies. Cost is £10 plus postage (£3.75 UK/£5.75 Europe/£8.50 World). Email thewholevoyald [at] googlemail [dot] com to order.

Monday, 25 February 2013

winebox20 - Lost Wax 'My Sore Daad Heap'd' C47 - SOLD OUT!

Lost Wax is the solo project of Ben Morris, one half of Chora. I'm delighted to be presenting what, to my knowledge, is his first solo release and it's a real treat. The emphasis here is perhaps more on percussion and field recording than the 'rock' instrumentation employed by the Chora big band, layered and built into heaving long jams. Very cool. Edition of 78 was originally the battered frame of a futon. Cost is  £6.50 plus £2.50/£3.50/£5 postage.

winebox19 - Gael Moissonnier 'Miniatures / Synth Music' C53 - SOLD OUT!

First release of 2013. Gael Moissonnier is a French artist and experimental musician based for the past couple of years in Brussels. In the past he's played in the bands Motherfucking, La 6eme Faute and the large free ensemble Faux Amis (with Chora, Helhesten and others). These days he can be found chugging Duvel and monstering his analog synth machine, as he does beautifully here, in a classic one-side-short-pieces/one-side-sidelong-jam format. Edition of 46 copies comes from a garden chair, stripped of it's unflattering varnish and put back together in a pocket-style cassette sheath. £6.50 plus postage, which will be £2.50 UK/£3.50 Europe/£5 World.