Friday, 2 August 2013

winebox21 - C. Joynes 'Unitarian Dee / Oto Gee' C60 - SOLD OUT!

Essential live documentation of two thirty-minute medley performances of wildly differing fidelity from Southeast England's finest picker, Mr C. Joynes. The A side, captured on VHS tape in a chapel, has a beautiful distant and echo-heavy sound, while the flip side is a cleaner, more intimate soundboard recording from Cafe Oto. Amongst contemporary guitar players Joynes stands out a mile, both for his 'chops' - both compositional and performative - and his stylistic juggling ('bluegrass gamelan', as Bruce Russell offered in his sleeve notes to Joynes' 'Congo'). Amongst the material here be ringing tonality and scratchy  dissonance; muffled percussive sliding and handsome blues resolutions; slow-burning marching music and rapid arpeggiating - indeed, without wanting to blithely drop an F-bomb on a contemporary picker, the sense of a heads-down, unpretentious taking-care-of-business here reminds me of Fahey's 'America', and that's a fine thing to be reminded of.

Edition of 89 pink cassettes housed in a somewhat *deluxe* box with a swinging lid and printed insert, the source material of which was once a wall of the neighbours' kitchen. Price is £9 plus postage (£3 UK/£4 Europe/£5 World). Email to order.